The new announcement from the developers of the upcoming RPG Sea of ​​Stars reveals the game will be delayed until 2023

Sea of ​​Stars is an upcoming turn-based RPG created by developer Sabotage Studiodeveloper of the side-scrolling platform game The Messenger.

The new game is a prequel to The Messenger, which was funded entirely on Kickstarter and heavily inspired by classic ’90s RPGs like Chrono Trigger as a prime example.

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Sea of ​​​​Stars was originally announced back in 2020 and was later announced with an initial 2022 release window for PC and Nintendo Switch. However, like many other things in game development, some decisions are made in the interests of the developers and the game itself.

Earlier today, Sabotage Studio released a statement announcing the game’s current status and revealed that Sea of ​​Stars’ release date had been pushed back from 2022 to 2023.

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The Sea of ​​​​Stars release window for Holiday 2022 was previously revealed in an announcement trailer back in 2021. This time, Sabotage Studio broke the news in a Twitter post containing an official statement from the development team informing everyone of the delay in Sea of stars.

The delay will no doubt come as a shock to players and supporters anticipating the game’s release this year, but the official statement explains the reason for the decision to delay the release of Sea of ​​Stars.

According to the statement, the developers are approaching a major milestone in the development of Sea of ​​Stars. Thus, the main priorities of Sabotage Studio are the quality of life of both the development team and the game itself.

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This can be interpreted to mean the developer is prioritizing the team’s health and giving Sea of ​​Stars the time it needs to complete when it officially releases. Sabotage also says appreciation from the development team in a statement to those who have supported the studio and continue to do so.

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