Tencent makes organizational adjustments, adding four new game Studios

on June 30, 2022Tencent Interactive Groups Tianmei Studio Group made some organizational adjustments and introduced four new Game Studios. According to a report from Pandaily, the original Tianmei J3 Studio Group has been divided into Y1, Y2, and Y3 studiosto make things easier for releasing various genres of shooting games. Tianmie J3 Studios former Head, Yao Yuan will take charge of Y1, Y2, and Y3 studios

Tianmei’s game studios: Responsibilities

the Tianmei Y1 Studio is responsible for products such as Assualt Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, Reverse War, and many others FPS games† It will also assimilate multi-dimensional abilities in FPS games for Y2 and Y3 studios.

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the Tianmei Y2 Studio will hold the responsibility for global multi-end self-scrutinized game releases. The current Y2 studio is focusing on the development of a realistic military world tactical shooting project based on the next-generation Unreal Engine 4 game design platform. the Tianmei Y3 Studio will be responsible for the development of Crossfire mobile and newly released IP games.

The newly established Tianmei G1 studio holds the responsibility for creating original global 3A products. For a long time, the already existing Tianmei J3 Studio has kept its focus on developing shooting games and consists of more than 800 employees, after years of its development. Because of its large volume, there have been preparations regarding its adjustment for nearly a year.

Final Thoughts

As shooting games are still now the most appealing genre, the purpose of the J3 Studio’s adjustment is to increase the investment in this field, giving their teams more space as well as autonomy. Tianmei has more than 10 years of experience in the field of FPS titles and will continue to serve their best in this field.

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