Raft: How to Get Bait (A Fishing Guide)

Raft is the newest open-world survival game made by the Swedish developer Redbeet Interactive. Most of the game takes place on the raft you have on the ocean, trying to figure out the best way to survive. When there is water, there is fish, which means fishing can save your life in a survival situation. But fishing is not that straightforward in Raft† So here is the guide on how to get bait and fishing in Raft

How to Get Bait (Fishing Guide) on Raft

Your main goal in Raft is finding as many resources as possible to make survival easier. Since you are constantly surrounded by water, you easily catch a fish with a fishing rod. But you will only get normal fish if you don’t use baits. Using bait will increase your chance of getting some rare marine life.

how to get bait in raft

Unlike the Shark Bait in the game, you can’t craft fishing bait to get some exotic fish. Instead, you must go to the nearest trading post and buy some baits from the merchants with some Trash Cubes, which is the in-game currency. If you don’t know how to make or find some Trash Cubes, don’t worry because we already have a guide on that topic.


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It might seem like a lot of hard work to catch a fish, but catching an exotic fish means you can sell them at a trading post, get some Trade Coins, and increase your reputation. Here is the complete list of the baits you can get in Raft and the fishes you can catch with them:

Tier 1: Simple Fishing Bait

  • Glowshrimp
  • netnibbler
  • Sharp Charp

Tier 2: Advanced Fishing Bait

  • roamspitter
  • pufferlisk
  • Trap Snapper

Tier 3: Expert Fishing Bait

  • lionfish
  • Lunarfish
  • Pentapus
  • Pink Pike
  • Rainbow Lobster
  • Shrakeater

Once you’ve got the bait, equip the fishing rod, and then from inventory, equip the bait you want to use.

Raft is available for PC through Steam.

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