PS1 Memory Card Hack Is Blowing Our Millennial Minds – Feels Video

If only we knew this secret growing up.

Close your eyes for a second. Drift through time. You’re sitting on the floor in front of your parents’ big screen TV. You just got done playing a solid 2 hours of Crash Bandicoot. You go to save, but oh no! Your thumb slips and you accidentally delete ALL of your progress. WTF. Your heart melts, your stomach is nauseous. All that work for nothing.

Now open your eyes. It’s 2022 and someone finally discovered a hack that FIXES every deleted memory card story from our childhood† Too little too late? Or better late than never?

I’ll give this guy credit where credit is due. This is an incredible find. But my heart is still broken. I’ve been hurt in the past, you see. It’s almost a slap in the face knowing pressing four buttons all at once could save everything. So I get it if you’re angry watching this video. I understand.

But also, WTF Sony??? You didn’t think this was important info to share with your audience? I’m not mad. I’m just dissapointed. Be better.

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