Pokemon GO Ends Support for Devices Running Android 6

Pokemon GO developer Niantic announced that support for devices running Android 6 will come to an end. With the release of version 241, users with Android 6 will need to update the OS on their devices to continue playing the mobile game. The version update will only affect those with the past version. Users on Apple devices and those running on Android 7 won’t have to worry.

The reason for Niantic choosing to end support for Android 6 is due to the developer wanting to streamline the process for creating new updates for Pokemon GO† It stated that it would like to prioritize and focus resources on support for “newer operating systems and technologies.”

Niantic also shared a guide which details how Android users can update the OS on their device. However, those running on significantly older devices may not have access to Android 7.

In June 2022, the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 event started. During this period, users can catch Pokemon at increased spawn rates, with habitats rotating intermittently. Niantic released a list of habitats that will appear during the event, what Pokemon they can obtain in each habitat, and when these habitats change.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices. Support for Pokemon GO on Android 6 devices ended with the version 241 update.

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