Overwatch 2 Reveals Kiriko’s Origin Story And Development Process In New Trailers

With the identity of the mysterious new Overwatch 2 support character now common knowledge, Blizzard offers up more information about the creative process that went into Kiriko along with an introduction to the foxy ninja healer’s backstory with two new trailers.

The first video follows the development of Kiriko from the writing of her origin story and coming up with her playstyle, to the final character design. The second of the pair features Kiriko’s full origin story cinematic which tells the tale of her childhood and how she was trained from a young age in both healing and the ways of the blade.

Kiriko rounds out the roster of new characters, which includes Sojourn and Junker Queen, who will be making their debut in Overwatch 2 when the sequel-slash-reboot officially launches on October 4th. You can check out both videos just after the break.

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