Next eFootball Update is Bad News for FIFA Players

eFootball and FIFA are two rivals in 2022. We knew eFootball as PES before 2021; the name has changed, but the competition is still the same. Both games’ developers are working on getting interested gamers and spending millions of dollars on this. While comparing FIFA and eFootball, developers are working hard for the next game update. This is the point that makes competition alive. This time, the competition aims at Allianz Arena.

One of the eFootball’s best moves was dealing with Bayern Munich. The club includes big stars across the world, and they’re one of the clubs most followed. Also, they got a fascinating stadium named Allianz Arena† The arena wasn’t included in FIFA’s stadium list since FIFA 19. Fans hoped to see this legend, but things won’t work as expected. Football players love this arena, but Konami wanted to make this arena an exclusive for years. Not surprisingly, they’re finally doing this.

eFootball Game Update Covers Allianz Arena Exclusively

According to CB, Konami and Bayern Munich renewed their partnership. Sadly for FIFA players, the deal includes exclusivity of Allianz Arena. It’s not clear how much it costs to Konami, but the results are apparent. They will get more advantages to bring content about Bayern Munich. The arena will be only playable on eFootball in the future, and that point breaks the FIFA fans’ hopes.

eFootball Allianz Arena Update

eFootball Game Update Covers Allianz Arena Exclusivity

Andreas Jung from Bayern Munich used these sentences about the new partnership with Konami:

“The partnership with Konami is of great importance to us because this market is booming and is particularly popular with the young fans.”

FIFA 23 was reportedly coming in September, and it will be the series’ last game. If you remember, EA Sports decided not to go further with FIFA’s name. They will develop a game named EA Sports FC, which will carry the features of current FIFA releases. The same thing has happened to PES with a massive update.

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