Kenosha far-right vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse announces a shooter video game targeting media organizations

On June 23, Kyle Rittenhouse, the fascist gunman who shot and killed two people and wounded another during protests against police brutality in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 25, 2020, announced that he was lending his name to a new video game.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot allows players to “[p]lay as Kyle Rittenhouse to destroy fake news turkeys in a simple point ‘n shoot game for all ages to enjoy!”

Among the targets: “turkeys” branded with the labels “fake news” and “MSDNC,” the latter being a portmanteau combining the liberal news outlet MSNBC and the initials of the Democratic National Committee.

The advertising and official site for the game state that the proceeds from pre-orders, set at $10, will fund plans “to sue the left-wing media organizations for defamation.”

A video released by developer Mint Studios features Rittenhouse posing with a nerf gun while claiming that “from the very beginning” of the shooting he “did nothing wrong.” He continues, declaring that the media have falsely smeared his name and that “it’s time to fight back against the fake news machine.” Right-wing pundits such as Ann Coulter have started promoting the game on Twitter.

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