How To Unlock The Halo Master Chief Helmet In Fall Guys And Where To Find Lost Helmets

Fall Guys has a Halo crossover event going on at the minute. There are costumes you can buy in the store — including Master Chief, Brute Chieftain and a Grunt. But there’s a way to earn a Master Chief helmet (with cat ears!) for free too. To do that, you’ll need to complete Spartan Showdown challenges.

First, you’ll need to make sure you’re playing Spartan Showdown. From the main screen, go to the Show Selector (you’ll see the icon and button you need to press in the bottom right). Make sure Spartan Showdown is the only option that’s selected. Otherwise, you might queue into another mode.

There are 10 objectives you’ll need to complete to unlock the helmet along with all of the other goodies — including some Kudos, a Spartan banner and an AI construct skin pattern. You’ll likely earn the first five just by playing normally:

  • Play Spartan Showdown
  • Qualify from any round in Spartan Showdown (seven times)
  • Throw Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown (seven times)
  • Get knocked down by Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown –(seven times)
  • Reach the final round in Spartan Showdown

You’ll find Blast Balls in various stages in Spartan Showdown. There are orbs that look a bit like olives clustered together at certain points. Grab one and let’s throw it. The Blast Ball will explode after a few seconds.

The other five challenges require a bit of a scavenger hunt. You’ll need to find a Lost Helmet on each of five separate rounds: Dizzy Heights, Tip Toe, Gate Crash, Big Shots and Thin Ice.

Since rounds are randomized in fall guys, you’ll likely need to play a few shows to pick up all of the Lost Helmets. Here’s where to find them on each stage:

Dizzy Heights

In the middle section of the course, make sure you’re on the rotating platforms on the upper level. The helmet is on the center of the middle platform. If you fall down to the lower level, move forward to the end of the section. You can get back to the upper platforms from there.

Tip Toe

The Lost Helmet is below the middle two platforms in the first row. If those don’t disappear, you may have to try again. You can also try diving to it from nearby gaps. If you miss it, you can try again after respawning.

Gate Crash

The Lost Helmet in Gate Crash appears at the end of the level. You’ll need to jump toward the middle door. If you miss, you’ll reappear at the top of the disaster and you can try again.

Big Shots

These last two Lost Helmets can be a little tricky, especially if you’re trying to qualify for the next round.

In Big Shots, the Lost Helmet appears above the middle of the seesaw. You can either jump for it immediately, or wait until the seesaw teeters to one side. It may be easier to walk up the higher side and then jump for the Lost Helmet.

If a projectile, another player or your own clumsiness sends you off the edge of the stage, you won’t respawn. So be careful!

thin ice

You’ll need to be cautious with this one as well, since you won’t respawn if you fall. To find the Lost Helmet in Thin Ice, go to the center of the platforms. Once you find the right hexagon and the one on the top level has disappeared, you’ll be able to collect the helmet.

After you find all the Lost Helmets and complete the other challenges, the Master Chief helmet is all yours. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be playing Fall Guys while wearing nothing but the helmet. Naked beans for life.

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