GTA 4 and RDR Remaster Projects’ Fate is Revealed

Rockstar Games didn’t become known as a successful firm with its GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 games. The studio was already known for its GTA releases and Red Dead Redemption. But it’s sure that series weren’t successful as today. GTA 4 had a launch with major performance issues, and the game is still not well optimized. Red Dead Redemption didn’t make a huge launch at its age. According to a rumor, Rockstar knew that and planned to remaster versions for GTA 4 and RDR.

The leaker also explains the fate of these games and probably that reasons will upset some of us. That plan also reminds us horrible GTA Trilogy launch we saw in the previous months.

Report Says GTA 4 and RDR Remaster Plans Were Canceled

Rockstar didn’t have success with GTA 4 in the past. The game has significant performance issues on PC, and it’s only compatible with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on the console side. That makes the game hard to reach, and it might cause disappointment even if you play it in 2022.

Also, we’ve heard a vast GTA 4 remaster request from the fans. The tweet from a trusted game informer says Rockstar heard and planned to answer, but then they canceled these projects.

We’re not getting any remasters for these games, but backward compatibility is a game changer in new generation consoles. Xbox Series X|S family can run the original Red Dead Redemption game. Also, we knew Sony is working on better back-compatible software that supports PS3 and PS Vita. The graphical quality isn’t great, but it will be playable at least.

If we go a few months past, we remember Rockstar Games made a horrible launch with GTA Trilogy remaster. It surprised us because we were waiting for a qualified remaster from the company. Maybe canceled RDR and GTA 4 remaster games weren’t any different from these horrible remasters. That chance is relievable for those waiting for any other remasters.

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