Crazy ‘The Last of Us’ Details are Compiled in Fan Video

The Last of Us wash a highly detailed game in its age compared to other post-apocalyptic games. After we met the Remastered version, it was equipped with more details with high-resolution textures. Most gamers played this game with its remastered version, so it’s impossible to miss the details in the game. A fan released a video on YouTube with a compilation of impressive graphic details from the original game. It’s funny to see how we missed these details.
We’re about to see a remake version of the game, designed for PlayStation 5’s new generation performance. That means we’re about to see more details that we didn’t see with the original and remastered versions.

Fan-made Video Shows The Most Impressive Details From The Last of Us (2013)

The video is about 8 minutes long and includes many impressive details from the game. You might don’t notice these details, but it feels great to see how hard work is making the game. Also, the video compares a few things between the original game and the remastered game. This comparison gets us hyped for the PlayStation 5 remake.

The Last of Us Part II was also a highly detailed game. We mostly talked about its story and gameplay, but Naughty Dog didn’t forget about the impressive level of details. It’s nice to play labored games, even if they were made in 2013. New generation consoles were a boost for graphical processing power. Game studios should use this power for adding more details.

Otherwise, the remake version of The Last of Us Part I will be released on Sep 2† The game will be released for PlayStation 5, but we expect to see it on Steam later. The graphical quality will be our biggest expectation from the game on both platforms.

What are your expectations from the remake version? Let us know your thoughts.

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