Chimeraland Delays Today’s Merfolk-Themed Cosmetic Event To Tomorrow

Chimeraland was supposed to be getting a mishmash of new content today, including a merfolk-themed event, housing improvements, and new stations where players can grab some chow. That update has now been delayed to tomorrow to give the developers more time to finish it.

“Due to project progress, the update on September 22 will be postponed to September 23,” tweeted Level Infinite. “For detailed information and the time of the new update, please stay tuned for the upcoming announcement.”

When the update arrives tomorrow, it will bring it the new Merfolk Hymn treasure hunting event that’s chock-full of merfolk-themed cosmetics and emotes. The developers will also be introducing a home blueprint feature that will let players save their houses as a blueprint, allowing them to move their house without having to rebuild everything from scratch. They’ll also be adding food and gourmet stations alongside the new blueprint feature, both of which are set to arrive sometime after tomorrow’s update.

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